Set up your office to write how to books! #6

Sunshine came softly over my office today …

Okay, I’m getting really silly with this one. There’s actually three items in this one and I didn’t feel like writing three more articles on this subject. 😳

Plus, I’ve got an announcement….


I’ve now started writing articles on Which is why the new box off to the right there.  One of my new articles is directly related to this topic … you can find it here.


… and now back to your regular article ….

First and foremost of the items is that you need to decide about windows. One of the issues that you need to address is relaxing your eyes. Unfortunately, as writers we do 90% of our work up close. For those of us who are near sighted that’s perfect. However, in fact, no one can maintain a specific focus without tiring their eyes. And worse yet, computer monitors fool the eyes by causing them to jump between long and short focal lengths even though the monitor is actually at a short focal length.

In short, you need to rest your eyes. And for a writer that means looking outside at a distance. The further the better. So having a window available (preferably with a view) is very important.

Along those same lines, you need to consider lighting in your office. Natural light is the best light. However, relying on natural light means some days you will have too much light and other days you won’t have enough. You need to be able to reduce natural light by means of blinds or curtains. You also need to be able to supplement natural light. This means using lighting fixtures such as lamps. Mixing tungsten and florescent will give the most natural colour and is easiest on the eyes.

In case, you didn’t catch the reference, a fellow by the name of Donovan wrote a song with the line “Sunshine came softly through my window today …”. 😕  Hey, what can I say I’m old … I remember when it first came out.

Anyway, I figured it caught both the point about windows, and light and also led to the third item I wanted to cover. Noise (or music if you prefer).

Different people have different needs when it comes to noise. Noise has never been a problem for me. In fact, I generally prefer rock music or heavy classical music playing while I write. However, I’ve known others that needed absolute silence while writing.

That’s also true for the people around you. The noise you generate (aka your music) may disturb them.

So when setting up your office, you need to consider your situation with regard to music and noise. If people are disturbed by your music or you are disturbed by theirs, you’ll need a seperate office. If it doesn’t matter — to you and the people around you — then you don’t need to worry about having an office with a closing door.