Set up your office to write “how to” books! #2

So last time, I said that we would talk about the most important item in your office.

Now I could be silly and say that’s you.

Well, not so silly because it’s true you are the most important item in your office. In fact, you are so important to your office that it has to take its direction from your lead. After all it exists to make your job simpler.

However, I’m actually talking about the reason I haven’t been able to write for the last week.

The chair. Yup the lowly chair. You wouldn’t think that a place to plunk your a** would be that important. But it is.

The chair is the most important element in your office as far as productivity is concerned. After all you are going to be spending 4 hours a day in that chair while you write your how to book. Maybe more if you chose to work for the rest of the day. Even taking into account the work for 3/4 hr and then change for 1/4 hour pattern which occupational therapists recommend, you will be spending a great deal of time in your chair.

So when setting up your office don’t stint on your chair. Simply put you want the best chair you can afford. The chair needs to be ergonomic (of course) and adjustable. But it also needs to be comfortable and fit you.

Even though chairs are adjustable they still have a range of people that they fit. And one chair may just feel better than another. So when you pick your chair don’t shop over the internet. You must try the chair. Try the adjustments. Check the padding.  And to do that you need to physically sit in the chair and pick the one that suits you best. Then once you’ve picked the chair, if you want to shop online — go ahead.

But be prepared, a good chair will cost. They aren’t cheap. But your back (and your book) will never forgive you if you buy anything less than the best!