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Wherein I make excuses, warnings and other comments that have nothing to do with writing how-to books.

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Years everyone. I hope everyone has a wonderful year coming and that we can quickly forget about 2017. May the best of 2017 be the worst of 2018. Prosperity and best wishes, my friends (and family too). Glen

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017

From all of us here (especially me) May Santa bring you a Bestseller And may all your writing in the New Year be easy Glen

Dragons and onions and beer — oh my!

  Happy St. David’s Day Everyone With a son by the name of Dafydd and a daughter with the name Rhiannon, how could I not wish everyone a Happy St. David’s day. Forget the green beer and shamrocks (that’s later

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Are You Ready To Start Your Business Yet? Writing systems and the author

writing your book with technology

Welcome back folks! Yup, it’s that terrible time of the year … the worst possible … the return to work after New Years!    SCARY !!!!! 😉 Okay, I exagerate. It is that time tho … Time to get your

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Writing How To Books – Call For Topics

communicating on writing books

Okay, this blog is as much yours as it is mine. I’m having fun writing it — even if it is a lot of work! 😥 But I really want it to be relevant to you. I can go looking

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A writer and the parasites that prey on him or her

As you may have noticed (and the rest of my sites) have been down for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, I (and my sites) were subject to that modern abomination known as a hacking attack. It was perpetrated

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200 Years of Remembrance Revisited

My Uncles Burton and John Ford. #LESTWEFORGET I remember my Uncle Bern Reimer. In those days, memories of the war were strong. Television and movies played endless repeats of how the U.S. won the war. Never the Canadians — it

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Did you miss us?

Did you even notice we were gone? One of the joys of trying to run a business over the internet is dealing with domain registrars. Sometimes it is a major pain in the ***. Earlier this year we lost a

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What’s happening with &

We are experiencing problems due to the recent change in webhosts. Please bear with us.

Check out my new Facebook page

Okay, I give up. So far, I’ve been avoiding creating a specific Facebook page just for my writing and training. Instead, I’ve been relying on my personal page to deal with my friends and connect with business groups. But no