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How do you Blog: – Why every business should blog

You may have been told that having a blog is a luxury that most companies should avoid. Or perhaps that letting employees participate on a blog is dangerous. Or that only the marketing department should be trusted with a blog. Or worse, that it should be turned over to webmaster — internal or outsourced — and ignored . In this blog entry, you’ll discover why they’re wrong.

How do you Blog: – Why blogging should be part of your marketing plan

Everyone is talking about social marketing right now. But if you focus on social marketing alone, you’ll miss out. Blogging should be a core element in you marketing plan. In this blog entry, you’ll discover why you need to include blogging in your marketing strategy.

How do you Blog: – Why people blog

Why do you blog? There are many reasons. People do so for their own purposes. However, there are three basic groups of reasons. In this blog article, you’ll discover why people blog.

How do You Blog? What is Content Marketing and Why Should You Care?

Content marketing is a concept that every blogger — whether they blog for money or for pleasure — needs to know about. But what is it? In this blog entry, you’ll discover the answer.

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How do you Blog: – Why you should run your blog like a business

People often begin blogging without much thought. They inevitably fail. Starting a blog is like starting a business. And it needs the same discipline. In this blog entry you’ll discover why you need to run your blog like a business.

How to Blog Money: – 5 Easy Ways to make money by blogging

How to blog for money? That’s a question that has plagued bloggers since blogging began. There are actually a number of ways. However, in this article I”m going to share five of the easiest methods. They’ just happen to be some of the most lucrative as well.

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A writer and the parasites that prey on him or her

As you may have noticed (and the rest of my sites) have been down for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, I (and my sites) were subject to that modern abomination known as a hacking attack. It was perpetrated

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