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Random Thoughts relating to creating how to’s in formats other than books

How to turn New Years Dreams into Resolutions

(This article was borrowed from my site. But it applies to trainers, course designers, and writers as much as it does to project managers and entrepreneurs. So I am repeating it her for you.) It’s that time once again

Diplomas, Certificates and Training

Certificates can be a cheap way to pat your students on the head. But they can also bite you if you aren’t familiar with their downsides.

Set up your office to write how to books! #6

Sunshine came softly over my office today … Okay, I’m getting really silly with this one. There’s actually three items in this one and I didn’t feel like writing three more articles on this subject. 😳 Plus, I’ve got an

Set up your office to write “how-to” books! #5

So far I really haven’t talked about what equipment you will need. A telephone, a computer of course, a coffee pot or tea kettle would be cool. A desk and book shelves would be helpful of course. But the next

Set up your office to write “how to” books! #4

Do you remember when I discussed the most important item in your office I mentioned off hand that it was you? Well, I wasn’t being entirely silly. 🙄 Just mostly. You see, any advice I or anyone else, gives you

Set up your office to write “how to” books! #3

In the last post I talked about the most important item in your office. This post will be about the second most important item. And just as in the last post it is a key to your future comfort. The

Set up your office to write “how to” books! #2

So last time, I said that we would talk about the most important item in your office. Now I could be silly and say that’s you. Well, not so silly because it’s true you are the most important item in

Set up your office to write “how to” books!

Oh what the hey … I’m in PAIN!!!!!! 😥 You see I’ve been working so hard and so long lately that my poor back is killing me! And that lead me to write a new series on how to set

Author names: Choosing your pseudonym for success

Books as business cards

Pennames, and pseudonyms, branding and search engine marketing, ah, the joys of determining what to call yourself. Of course, it always helps to have your book written first. However, having an author name is always helpful. In fact, it’s kind

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DT – Not all sources are the same. Once you have a quality source, remember it.

Do you believe everything you read on the internet? How about in the newspaper? What about from your politicians? Or from oil companies with leaking oil platforms?  Does anyone believe anything from these sources? In your researching you will find