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DT – Steal a trick from the serials. Keep your reader reading by using a transition at the end of every chapter.

Do you remember the old serials? Or even the new serials. The hero or heroine goes through a series of difficulties until the story ends. Everyone is happy and the villain is off for their just deserts. Then in the

DT – Not all sources are the same. Once you have a quality source, remember it.

Do you believe everything you read on the internet? How about in the newspaper? What about from your politicians? Or from oil companies with leaking oil platforms?  Does anyone believe anything from these sources? In your researching you will find

DT – To really grab your reader, fix their pain or solve their problems.

One of the models of motivation that marketers use constantly is the A.S.A. model. That acronym stands for “avoid pain, solve problems, achieve goals”. These are the three great motivators that any product must do to encourage sales. It is

DT – Motivate yourself. Create a sign showing why you are writing your book.

One of the major causes of writer’s block is lack of motivation. After all, the harder it is to write the more you need to force yourself to write. And discipline won’t get you over all the humps. You need

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DT – All businesses combine Marketing, Production and Administration. Writing is no different.

Earlier I talked about writing as a business and not as a hobby. With hobbies one tends to focus on one aspect of the business — usually production. However, a business is different. There are always three aspects to a

DT – Don’t forget to market after your book has gone off free promotion.

#books #tips Don’t forget to market after your book has gone off free promotion. #url#

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DT – Cover, Title, Copy, 1st Paragraph … your cover is critical to selling the book. Don’t skimp.

How many times have you found a book on Amazon, realized it didn’t have a cover picture and then gone on to pick another book that did have the cover? You’re not alone. When faced with a mass of information,

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DT – Good editors are tricky buggers … they can be hiding in the most unusual places.

I’m somewhat lucky in that my business partner, Paul, acts as my editor and I as his. However, we occasionally do have to use someone else. And finding someone else usually involves risk. Do we hire someone we don’t know

DT – You’re writing not fishing. Don’t flounder around. Create a detailed outline to paragraph level.

Have you ever listened to a salesperson trying to convince someone of something they don’t really believe? They can never quite get the argument down and instead go round and round in a circular argument. It doesn’t take long for

DT – Don’t drone. Intro. Explanation. Conclusion. One thought per paragraph.

Long drawn out paragraphs will lose your reader’s attention. They will get tired and stop reading. A three sentence paragraph is better than a four sentence paragraph and infinitely better than a ten sentence paragraph. If you have more than