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As you may have noticed LearningCreators.com (and the rest of my sites) have been down for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, I (and my sites) were subject to that modern abomination known as a hacking attack. It was perpetrated

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DT – Is the editor your collaborator or your jailer? Attitude matters on both sides.

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Len Wein, a famous comic book writer, said, “I’ve had editors over the years who couldn’t find a clue if it was stapled to their butt.” I’m sure that if the word “editors” was replaced by “writers” the sentiment would

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DT – Once isn’t enough. Edit your books twice times two.

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Don’t underestimate the importance of editing your book. There are two major types of editing: structural and polishing. There are also two sources of editing — editing done by yourself and third party editing which is done by others. To

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DT – Really impress your reader … never use a long word when a short one will do.

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Part of the problem with school teaching us to speak in a scholarly manner is that part of that style is the use of long words. The erudite exposition of conglomerate suppositions results in a discombobulated assemblage of perusers of

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DT – Quotes are easy to find and they borrow another’s authority. But they can be overused. Write your own.

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Good writers love to read. There’s always someone who knows more about your subject than you do. And there’s always someone who has expressed your opinion in a better way than you would. When those two situations come together you

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DT – Do you know who your reader is? Paint a picture.

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The first step in planning your book is deciding why you want to write it. The second step is to decide who you want to write it for. Who is your reader? Build up a picture of your perfect reader.

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DT – There’s more than one way to skin a cat. And more than one way to make writing books pay.

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We’ve created a whole mythology around books and the process of writing. And like most myth, it is only 10% truth. Your writing business, like any other business, needs a strategy for making money. That strategy, however, doesn’t have to

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DT – Time or money. Marketing costs. But what it costs is up to you.

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If you listen to the “Sell your Book on Amazon and Make a Million” crowd, you’ll be left with the impression that making money on Amazon is an automatic thing. That Amazon will do all your promotion for you and

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DT – Self-publishing? Steal a trick from the big boys. Promote your other books inside every book you sell.

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Pick up any pulp fiction today and you’ll find two sets of pages. And no, I’m not talking about the story. You’ll find a list of the books written by the author and published by the publisher in the front

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DT – You may not be marrying your editor but it’s a long term relationship … Choose your editor with care.

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Many writers of how-to books think in terms of only the current book. They choose an editor based on price or availability or how soon they can provide the finished book. That’s why clearing houses for editors exist. One book,

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DT – You’re not in school anymore … Don’t put on airs. Connect with your reader. Write like you speak.

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In school, we are taught to write “perfect” “scholarly” “formal” English. Unfortunately, we’re not taught to write good English. Or to write well for that matter.  Instead we produce hard-to-read, difficult-to-follow English suitable for an erudite audience. Unfortunately, that’s not

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